Spay Aware Ireland


Ever since its launch in 2002 as part of a nationwide grass roots effort by animal welfare groups and individuals, SpayAware has highlighted the importance of spaying and neutering to address Irelandís pet overpopulation crisis. SpayAware appeals for action to end the plight of unwanted animals by promoting the key message that spaying or neutering cats and dogs is an essential part of responsible pet ownership.

Supported by the ISPCA, SpayAware is an annual public awareness campaign that aims to reduce the countryís high numbers of abandoned cats and dogs by persuading more owners to spay or neuter their pets. SpayAware also has the backing of Veterinary Ireland, with member vets displaying the posters in animal clinics and surgeries across the country.

This year, top comedian PJ Gallagher is supporting the annual SpayAware appeal calling on pet owners to play their part in ending Irelandís toll of unwanted cats and dogs. One of the countryís best-loved stand-ups, the Naked Camera star regularly has stage and television audiences roaring with laughter. But now heís highlighting the message that with thousands of unwanted cats and dogs ending up in animal shelters every year, Irelandís pet overpopulation crisis is no joke. PJ appears in two eye-catching posters, (available for download here.) one each aimed at cat and dog owners, which urge owners to take action by having their pets neutered or spayed. Click here to read the full press release.

Download our 2016 SpayAware posters and Factsheet here.