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May 2014

SpayAware launches annual campaign

Broadcaster Claire Byrne has backed SpayAware’s 2014 campaign to end the needless destruction of unwanted dogs and cats. She and fellow broadcaster, TV vet Pete Wedderburn, were joined by some furry friends for a photocall at the Radisson Blu St Helen’s Hotel in Dublin for the launch of this year’s awareness campaign.

Broadcaster Claire Byrne has backed SpayAware’s 2014 campaign to end the needless destruction of unwanted dogs and cats.

The campaign aims to reduce the annual toll of healthy cats and dogs destroyed in Ireland by persuading more owners to spay or neuter their pets. According to SpayAware founder Pete Wedderburn, unplanned pet pregnancies are a key cause of the overpopulation crisis.

“A recent survey found that of those owners who allow their dogs to have pups, around 50% of those litters are unplanned,” he says. “In other words, one out of every two young Irish dogs is an accident. If these unplanned pregnancies could be prevented in the first place, there would be no need at all to euthanase unwanted dogs.”
Reiterating SpayAware’s central message, Pete Wedderburn said the best way individual pet owners can help end the killing is to ensure their cats or dogs are neutered or spayed.

Spaying and neutering key to tackling overpopulation crisis

It’s not always easy to persuade owners to heed the message that spaying and neutering their pets is key to overcoming the Ireland’s pet overpopulation crisis. According to vet and SpayAware founder Pete Wedderburn, most owners who allow their pets to breed do not believe that they are adding to the overpopulation problem if they manage to find homes for the resulting litters.

“But this is self-deception,” he says. “Although the pups and kittens they produce may go to good homes, they are taking up spaces that would otherwise have been available for a cat or dog that ends up being euthanased.”

Other myths and misconceptions around spaying and neutering also persist. While many owners still feel it is somehow better to let nature run its course, the best veterinary advice is that in the vast majority of cases, spay/neuter is much the healthier option.

“Not only does this avoid breeding unwanted animals that will end up being put down, it is also better for their pet’s long term health. Our advice to owners is to discuss the spay/neuter option with your vet today.”

“Animal welfare charities have done tremendous work reducing unwanted animal destruction rates by organising subsidised spay or neuter schemes or rehoming abandoned pets. Thousands of individual owners have also played their part by making a conscious effort to adopt a pet from their local animal rescue group rather than buying a pedigree kitten or puppy. Ultimately, however, the most responsible solution to the problem of unwanted litters is to spay and neuter our cats and dogs.”


ISPCA backs SpayAware appeal

SpayAware is delighted to announce that the ISPCA is actively supporting this year’s awareness campaign. ISPCA Chief Executive Officer, Dr Andrew Kelly said “SpayAware is such an important campaign that the ISPCA is urging pet owners to be responsible and neuter or spay their pets as early as possible to prevent unwanted litters of puppies and kittens.”


DoneDeal renews support for SpayAware

The DoneDeal PetAware Project is once again supporting the 2014 SpayAware campaign. Announcing their support, they said they are committed to creating meaningful change in the community, through social, health, educational and environmental measures, and by investing in direct support services, research and advocacy for older people, adults, children and animals. Its PetAware Project promotes responsible pet ownership and advocates adoption of animals as a first choice over purchase.

According to Project Manager Georgina Neal, the DoneDeal PetAware Project “envisions a time when our society celebrates the human-animal bond, embraces the mutual benefits and treats all fellow beings with care, compassion and respect.” “We are dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership. Our goal is to make shelters, rescue centres and local authority pounds the first place potential pet owners turn to when looking for a new pet, ensuring that all healthy and rehomable pets find loving homes, so working towards the reduction of pet overpopulation.”

“For the fourth year, we are delighted to support the SpayAware campaign,” says Orla Aungier, Project Manager with the DoneDeal PetAware Project. “We continue to invest in local programmes that address the need to home shelter and pound animals, increase awareness of responsible pet ownership and reduce pet overpopulation of companion animals and feral cats.”

DoneDeal PetAware

Maxi Zoo Sponsors Spay Aware

Maxi Zoo supporting SpayAware

SpayAware is pleased to announce that Maxi Zoo has renewed its support for the annual SpayAware campaign. Darren Spoonley of Maxi Zoo Ireland said, “We at Maxi Zoo are honoured to support the SpayAware campaign again this year, we hope through our network of 15 stores and our loyal customer base, we can help spread the word on how important responsible pet ownership is in reducing the amount unwanted pets”


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